Mariano Zamorano, C.B. manufacturer for swords, sabres, daggers, etc... We, MARIANO ZAMORANO have kept the craftsmanship of the Toledo Sword from the very beginning; this craftsmanship has continued from generation to generation by keeping the craftsmanship of this historical city and so our swords are unique all over the world.


Chronicles, legends and miracles remind us of the sword craftsmanship joined to Toledo forever.

The splendorous summit of the Toledo Sword is achieved in the middle age, appearing as sharpened and fine, being its hilt trimmed after hawk-shaped cross, handshield, laces and hand-guards.

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Workshop that has been declared of “Special Artisan Interest” by the Regional Government of Castilla- La Mancha”. We allow visits to the factory to see the manufacture of swords. Maximum 8 personas. TEL. RESERVATION: (+34) 925 22 26 34

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MARIANO ZAMORANO has maintained craft manufacture of the art of SWORDS, why has received the PLATE TO THE EVIDENTIAL FORCE CRAFTSMAN.

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'MADE IN TOLEDO' The Town hall of Toledo Swords Maker´s Union, and the Castilla – La Mancha University, they certify that this product has been realized and elaborated in Toledo (Spain) following the strictest traditional procedure of Origin and Quality.

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The mark 'ARTESANÍA CASTILLA-LA MANCHA' is a guarantee of quality for consumers, being the product purchased a part of legitimate Toledo crafts that has been developed by quality criteria that respond to tradition and to the best techniques.