Mariano Zamorano

Since 1951, date in which the workshop was opened, we've been manufacturing handmade swords. Located on the Ciudad street, we've been perfecting this art for over seven decades, placing ourselves as referents in the city of Toledo, which is recognized as one of the historic locations in the manufacturing of steel swords. These swords are combined with materials such as brass to provide them with greater functionality.

Nowadays, we continue with our commitment to keep open one of the few handmade workshops that still remain. We are convinced of the great contribution that it means for our city from a cultural point of view.

Among the main official recognitions that endorse the path of this workshop we can find:

  • Handmade Business, September 1993
  • Handmade merit plaque, November 2009
  • Workshop of special handmade interest, June 2010
  • Inclusion in the handmade store network of Castilla de la Mancha, August 2010
  • Craftman master title in the swordsmithing speciality, October 2016

The factory

In Mariano Zamorano we are committed to adapting a handmade and first need product to our customer's needs. We're convinced that a sword reflects the character of who wields it. Thus, besides our wide variety of models, we also make custom models.

We use the method, professionalism and experience of our craftmans, who gained fame within and on the outside of our borders. By the term Toledo steel we understand the technique for which the swordsmen managed to transform the external iron layers in the steel, far more suitable for the sword due to his strength and flexibility.

Nowadays, we continue to forge the product by hand, with iron fitting worked manually and mounted one by one, in a handmade exclusive work that keeps us with a unique acknowledgment in the world.

Continuing the legacy

Mariano has turned out to be the master from whom we have learned all the art and craft of the sword. Continuing his legacy seems to be the natural path top take, as for centuries, the teachings of the sword have been transmitted in Toledo from generation to generation. We take this task not only as a challenge, but a double honor: on a personal level, for giving continuity to the work of our master, and at a professional level, for continuing to keep alive a trade that represents one of the most important hallmarks of the city of Toledo.


His interest in the manufacture of weapons began in 1998 and led him to contact former swordsmen from the Toledo Weapons Factory, who taught him the basics of traditional Toledo swordsmanship. Two years later he was already producing functional swords in his Camuñas workshop. In 2017, fate gave him the opportunity to provide his services in Mariano Zamorano's workshop and, today, he continues his work.


In his home, since he was a child, he absorbed the essence of sword forging, in a place where he shared life and games with his uncle Mariano Zamorano and his cousins who gathered daily around the workshop. Despite studying Law, Economics, Humanities ... and undertaking various business projects, in 2015, after the call of his cousin, he became involved in Mariano's workshop, beginning to carry out commercial and administrative management.

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